What are the Key Benefits of a SalesForce Solution?



The key Business Benefits of Using a Salesforce Solution include:

Secure, private, scalable and reliable.

Salesforce is designed to provide companies with privacy and high levels of performance, reliability and security. They have built, and continue to invest in, a comprehensive security infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption for transmissions over the Internet, which they monitor and test on a regular basis. They built and maintain a multi-tenant application architecture that has been designed to enable our service to scale securely, reliably and cost-effectively. The multi-tenant application architecture maintains the integrity and separation of customer data while still permitting all customers to use the same application functionality simultaneously.

Rapid deployment.

SalesForce can be deployed rapidly since users do not have to spend time procuring, installing or maintaining the servers, storage, networking equipment, security products, or other infrastructure hardware and software necessary.

Ease of integration and configuration.

IT professionals are able to integrate and configure solutions with existing applications quickly and seamlessly. They provide a set of application programming interfaces (“APIs”) that enable customers and independent software developers to both integrate the 5 solution with existing third-party, custom, and legacy apps and write their own application services that integrate with their solutions. For example, many of customers use Salesforce1 API to move customer-related data from custom-developed and packaged applications into service on a periodic basis to provide greater visibility into their activities.

High levels of user adoption.

They have designed solutions to be intuitive and easy to use. The solutions contain many tools and features recognizable to users of popular consumer web services, so users are more familiar with the user interface than typical enterprise applications. As a result, users can often use and gain benefit from the solutions with minimal training.

Rapid development of apps using the Salesforce1 Platform.

Users and third-party developers can develop apps rapidly because of the ease of use and the benefits of a multi-tenant platform. They provide the capability for business users to easily customize applications to suit your specific needs, and also a variety of programming language support so developers can code complex apps spanning multiple business processes and deliver them to multiple mobile devices.

Increased innovation.

By providing infrastructure and development environments on demand, they provide developers the opportunity to create new and innovative apps without having to invest in hardware and distribution. A developer with an idea for a new app can log onto their platforms, develop, test and support their system on the Salesforce1 Platform and make the app accessible for a subscription fee to his or her customers.

Lower total cost of ownership.

They enable customers to achieve significant up-front savings relative to the traditional enterprise software model. Customers benefit from the predictability of their future costs since they generally pay for the service on a per subscriber basis for the term of the subscription contract. Because they deploy all upgrades on SalesForce servers, new features and functionality automatically become part of the service on the upgrade release date and therefore benefit all of SalesForce customers immediately.

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