Our Mission

Job Solutions LLC, aka JO, DBA: JobObject is a building industry technology company providing integrated, digitally driven development tools and methodologies to companies and their projects. JO brings several years experience applying advanced digital technologies to complex IT projects undertaken by JO along with the associates for the leading development and engineering companies. Our clients are firms, community groups, non-profit private and government organizations interested in moving beyond the limits of drafting and paper driven project management and into 21st century, digitally enabled design and implementation practices.

Job Solutions LLC promotes this transformation of building design and delivery practices through three inter-related Centers of effort: Cloud Infrastructures, Consulting and Application Development Services. Project teams working with Job Solutions LLC and associates can anticipate many benefits relating to improved quality and reduced costs, including: * Improved visibility by project leadership into information developed by the extended building team, * Integration of financial and other non-geometric data with project geometry, * Improved coordination of building systems to identify and address potential conflicts before launch, * Management of project data through version and revision tracking, * Integration between AE documentation and fabrication or development activities, * Reduced project transaction costs (paper printing, rework, etc.).

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