Our Vision

The business and consumer world of Information Technology, will have convenient access to Job Object services through proven technology and telecommunications. In the offshore and onsite development , our role will be to provide value-added products and services that guide and direct customers to better utilize the power of information technology. Customers will be assisted as needed by a sufficient number of knowledgeable, trained staff who can help them make the best use of both new and traditional information technology solutions and services. Staff will be supported by up-to-date technology that ensures provision of quality services that are efficient and cost-effective.

To support this vision we draw on these values:

We value acquiring and using technology to support the missions of our global customers and the consumers.
We value the principles of intellectual freedom guiding the company in developing access to electronic resources, with customers responsible for what they choose to use.
We value making electronic technologies available to persons of all ages, physical conditions and locations around the globe.
We value staff interaction with customers, instructing them as necessary, assisting them in locating, using and evaluating IT products, whether a customer is offshore or onsite premises or accessing IT services from a remote location.
We value the ongoing offering of new and emerging resources delivered via new technologies.
We value the continuing education and training of our customers staff in the use of new technologies.

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