VOIP & Cloud Communications

At JobObject we understand that the Internet of Things Drives Demand for Communications in Cloud. The Internet and ubiquitous broadband created a revolution in the way enterprises manage applications, giving rise to the concept of cloud computing.

The same revolution is now changing the way enterprises communicate, giving birth to a new industry:  cloud communications. More than simply VoIP or Unified Communications, cloud communications is an entirely new way to build, deploy and scale enterprise communications systems.

Cloud communications is more than simply voice over IP (VoIP), hosted PBX, CaaS or Unified Communications (UC). It’s an entirely new way to build, deploy, and scale enterprise communications systems. It goes further than VoIP and UC to reduce equipment costs, provide higher definition services with unmatched quality, and deliver a platform of advanced features that allow employees to work in ways – and places – they never imagined.

Our cloud communications solutions give enterprises more powerful communications that:

  • • Drive employee productivity and satisfaction

  • • Provide more scalable communications that adapt quickly and efficiently to changing business conditions

  • • Offer more easily managed communications services that free IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives

  • • Reduce operational and capital costs

In short, cloud communications services offer enterprises a completely different communications experience that combines the best in voice and data communications and storage – all in a highly cost-effective manner.