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  • Are you ready for hosted email services ?
    Why Your Company Needs Hosted Email   Email and other messaging capabilities are so critical to the communication, collaboration and file transport capabilities of most organizations, they have in some respects become a utility like electricity. For example, the typical information worker spends 165 minutes per day doing work in...
  • Sustaining IT Innovation
    In today’s rapidly changing technology world, opportunities have become inseparably linked with innovations in IT. In our endeavor to future proof the businesses of our clients, we at JobObject have identified several key IT drivers that are constantly looked into. Every element on this planet is increasingly being influenced by...
  • What are the Key Benefits of a SalesForce Solution?
      The key Business Benefits of Using a Salesforce Solution include: Secure, private, scalable and reliable. Salesforce is designed to provide companies with privacy and high levels of performance, reliability and security. They have built, and continue to invest in, a comprehensive security infrastructure, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and...

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  • After Elon Musk's Twitter another Social Network is starting with two blue checkmarks for $8 November 11, 2022
    Meanwhile, Twitter is still figuring out the precise details of its verification strategy, including when previously verified users who don’t subscribe will lose their checks. But new owner Elon Musk stated today that it will happen in the coming months, asserting that the site needed to be purged of “corrupt” blue badges. His public views […]